What we do

Health and Environment Leadership Platform is developed in partnership with HCWH and will align to the GGHH goals. It will also be developed in phases, as outlined below:

Phase 1: Establishment of Steering Committee and Core Group (until 31st January, 2017)

  • The platform will be formally established with a core group of institutions (public and private) that have shown leadership on social and environmental determinants of health in the Indian health system.
  • This core group of institutions will form the Steering Committee for the platform, which will be led and supported in technical matters by the PHFI secretariat.
  • The platform, as established, will aim to influence thinking around air pollution and policymaking through the release of a joint statement at the end of the first phase.
  • The Phase 1 will be completed by end of February.

Phase 2: Establishment of Sub-Committees and Membership Expansion – (Months 16-24)

Phase 2 will involve the establishment of issue-specific sub-committees. Each sub-committee will concentrate on particular goals and will showcase actions and document case studies of practical solutions on each issue. The four sub-committees will focus the issues as detailed below.


Phase 3: Expansion of Issue Base & Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Membership (Month 24 onwards)

Phase 3 will involve the expansion of the issue base being covered by the platform to include all 10 GGHH goals as well as encouraging individual institutions to become members of GGHH. This phase will be fleshed out over time, taking stock of feedback from steering committee members and other platform partners, while connecting Indian GGHH members with their counterparts around the world.


Work plan and objectives

  • Increase membership and better engagement with members
  • Develop and disseminate successful case studies on Climate-Smart Health Systems
  • Short course on Environmental Health for physicians
  • Establishment of issue-specific sub-committees
  • HELP Green Hospital Awards at AHPI Global Conclave
  • Green Hospital Standard certification tool developed in cooperation with QAI and NABH
  • Sustainable Procurement project
  • Green Circle: Newsletter on a  monthly basis through HELP to update about the latest on Environmental Health and Climate-Smart healthcare
  • Simplified Bio-Medical Waste Management Manual
  • Establishment of Air Quality Monitor Network in Tier 2 &3 cities
  • Qualitative study on perceptions of physicians on air pollution and health in tier-2 & 3 cities
  • School engagement series on Air Pollution Impacts
  • Renewable Energy landscape mapping of Health Sector
  • Healthcare Climate Challenge
  • Foster the adoption of renewable energy across the health sector
  • Increase awareness and action on the linkages between climate change, air pollution, and health in India
  • Plastic Awareness and Audits in Healthcare