Climate and Health Air Monitoring Project (CHAMP)

Air pollution in India ranks as some of the worst in the world, causing dramatic negative health impacts on the population. The Health and Environment Leadership Platform (HELP) and Centre for Chronic Disease Control have set out to address this issue by mobilizing the health care sector. In 2018, eight GGHH member hospitals across the country installed air pollution monitors. Hospital doctors and staff are stepping up as both educators for patients on the health impacts of air pollution and advocates for the transition to clean, renewable energy. HELP is currently exploring how this initiative, which is growing in India, can also serve as a model for healthcare members to use this platform as a communication tool to engage with patients and community on air pollution and its impacts. 

As of July 2020, 25 hospitals in India have signed up to be a part of CHAMP under HELP. If you want to know more, kindly write to